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Harris Green Village

900-block Yates Street+ 1045 Yates Street


Interested in more details? We've included supporting documents for those who wish to learn more about the vision for Harris Green Village.

Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 10.30.37 AM.png

View the PDF presentation from the December 14, 2021 online Community Information Meeting.

Shadow Studies

Winter Equinox - Longest day of the year

Dec 21st 4pm Shadows_Page_1.jpg

Shadows generated by existing buildings

Dec 21st 4pm Shadows_Page_2.jpg

Existing shadows + anticipated shadows form by HGV project

Dec 21st 4pm Shadows_Page_3.jpg

Additional shadows generated by HGV project

Vernal Equinox

20211215_HGV Summer & Fall Shadows_Page_2.jpg

Summer Solstice

20211215_HGV Summer & Fall Shadows_Page_1.jpg
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